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Ginger Thokku


Ginger thokku recipe is a South Indian style pickle that has the aromatic and spicy, ginger root as the main ingredient.

Ginger is an integral part of Asian cuisine. Most of the Indian dishes have ginger as one of the ingredients. They are either minced, chopped or added as a paste in the dishes and impart a great flavor to the dish. They are also available in fresh or dry form. This humble root has great health benefits. They help in digestion and is used to treat nausea. How can we forget the flavorful ginger chai, a must for all ginger lovers. Ginger is used as a homemade remedy for treating cold, cough and sore throat.

Coming to the recipe, we Indians love our pickles and some of us can’t have a meal without a serving of pickle. Pickles are made at home, with the seasonal fruits or vegetables available and stored for months.

This ginger thokku is a yummy recipe for anyone who loves the taste and flavor of ginger. A mix of sweet, sour and spicy, this thokku can be had as an accompaniment for rice, rotis or tiffin items like dosas and idlis.





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