trinity-global-link-snacks-product SNACKS Trinity Global Link is one of the leading import and export company strategically located in the fastest growing Indian market. SWEETS Traditional Indian sweets are enjoyed globally and are hence carefully sourced to fulfill the taste buds. trinity-global-link-thokku-item THOKKU ITEMS Thokku items are the unique set of products that are enjoyed primarily by Indians living abroad. trinity-global-link-Rice-Mix RICE MIX Rice mixes are ready made products that have a pretty good place in the global export market. trinity-global-link-podi-idly PODI ITEMS Podi items are carefully sourced from the Indian Sub-continent that meets the export quality standards.

Who We Are

Trinity Global Link Imports & Exports

Trinity Global Link is one of the leading import and export company strategically located in the fastest growing Indian market and in the following countries like USA, Canada, UK, UAE, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Our Products have been highly valued by our clients in the USA for the past 6 years.

Our goal is to strengthen the overall management of supply chain, developing and cultivating both domestic and overseas market, improving the procedure and information system, enhancing the ability to organize resource under a professional team and a learning organization.

We expanded our wings in various fields and it was only a matter of time that our new businesses made a mark for themselves in their respective fields.

Creativity, Quality and reliability” are core values, which sets apart Trinity Global link from competition.

We ensure you that choosing Trinity Global Link will be your smartest decision.


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